Reparations Bill

Restoration, Restitution an Reparation for Money, Gold and Land owed to Black Americans



Housing for homeless and low income Americans



Making Educational Empowerment available for all.


Business Development

Ten million Blacks working and in buines


Economic Sustainability

True Economic Sustainability in Business, Agricultural and Food Development

Tailblazer Bishop Henry Williams
Trailblazer Bishop Henry Williams

Take a Stand for your Money, Gold, and Land
A Movement going before Congress for
Restoration, Restitution, and Reparation
This is for Money, Gold, and Land Owed to African Americans
(The Freedman Bureau Bill: 400 years of back pay)

Three Bills to be Introduced to Congress:
Economic Stability

Trillions of dollars are owed to African-Americans for 400 years of slavery. By 1860, 500,000 slaves had grown to 4 million! Under the Emancipation Proclamation, freed slaves to receive $300. Although President Lincoln was successful in getting a bill passed through Congress for $1 Million in gold for freed slaves, the gold was never received.


Low to no cost Vocational Schools and Colleges, will be implemented to make educational available for all. Lower wealth, lower expectations, and other circumstances, has created an environment which has left African-Americans and other minorities, without the same educational opportunities as many others in America.


Homelessness in America overall must be addressed. It is estimated that over 500,000 people are homeless. Because of the rising cost of living, nearly 50% of Americans have also fallen into low income or poverty sector. 9.2 million African Americans fell below the poverty line in 2016 and more than 19,000 children.  Needed transportation will also be provided.

The Plan
  • $21B per year ongoing.  $3.2B will go directly to member churches.
  • 10-million jobs will be created within a 7-14 year period.
  • Housing, Education and Community initiatives will also be supported.
  • Also asking for 30,000 acres of land from former slave Southern states, also California, Arizona, New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.  According to documented evidence, these too were actually slave states in the 1800s.
  • The Emancipation Proclamation warranted that Congress would ensure $1M would be disbursed to 4 million slaves ($300 each).  Congress did not follow through and former slaves received none of this money (gold).  The demand from congress is $1M in gold as backpay with investment interest from January 1, 1863 to present time.
  • It is fully documented that Congress made a deal with Chase Bank in 1874 to transfer gold that was on deposit in black banks – money in black depositor’s accounts without their knowledge or permission.  We demand this gold be returned.